WTF Brother?

Every day I try to do something sewing related to keep up the hobby-building momentum. Tonight was pretty busy with kid stuff, so I opted for something easy and quick: I decided to register my sewing machine online.

The process was initially painless. Create account? Check. Enter serial number? Check. Location and date of purchase? I gotchu.



What the hell is this horrendously confusing collection of error messages being simultaneously displayed to end users?

“The request was aborted: The request was canceled.” Redundancy serves what purpose here?

“Your data has been saved successfully.” Success is good right?

“We have encountered an issue with our Account Management system. Please click on the link below to try again.” Soooo…it wasn’t successful?

Clicking the “Please click here to try again” button (not a link, but a nicely shaded button) takes me to a page that shows my JX2517 as being registered. What might have happened here is there were multiple back end system failures that aren’t immediately apparent or fixable to the end user – if they are fixable, tell me how to do that! Being an IT monkey myself, I’m going to email Brother customer service with feedback (and to verify my machine was actually registered). Helpful user feedback is always good and I won’t be nearly as annoying about it as I am here….hopefully.


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