Readworthy Amazon Review: Brother JX2517

Yesterday while my toddler was distracted I got about an hour to fiddle around with my Origami Pillow project again. Seams were ripped, fabric edges were tidied up, and back stitching was practiced.

I still haven’t overcome the hurdle of properly sewing that first seam. *despair emoji*

In my frustration I wondered if there wasn’t something wrong with the machine itself, as if the flowery embellishment on the outer shell is intended to distract from an inherent deficiency (yes, I was still in the denial phase). So I took to Amazon to tap the hive mind and see what other people have made of the Brother JX2517.

Overwhelmingly, the evidence points to the deficiency still being mine:


One review stood out in how much the author’s personality came through and how it instilled in me the utmost confidence that I’m starting out with the best machine possible (I was on a bit on an emotional crafting roller-coaster yesterday):


I’m going to assume production standards haven’t slipped in the two years since this review was written and that the great things said still hold true (I want to believe, X-Files style). What you see above isn’t the review in it’s entirety, and the rest of it is as great a read. Once I get my sewing shit together, I hope I’ll have such a great experience with the JX2517 that I find myself struggling to leave a review that does it justice AND meets the review standards set by Johnna.


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