In which our heroine sews a mostly straight line…

…but then forgets to backstitch over the ends.


In knitting when you have to unravel a row or round to undo a mistake it is called “frogging” because you have to “rip it, rip it”. What is the sewing equivalent of this? I feel so close to my seam ripper right now, I’m about it give it a name. Rippie? Pickie? Shredder? Katto? Kiri!

I’ll work on that one.

Tomorrow will consist of another 1/8 seam attempt guided by painter’s tape, general house de-cluttering, and the preparation of post-partum care items. I’m ambivalent about it now, but I’m sure future me is going to be reeeeeally grateful to current me for putting a dozen maxi pads soaked with witch hazel in the freezer and buying so much instant oatmeal. Yep.


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