Ma, we can’t eat in the dining room because I need space to sew

In addition to the Brother sewing machine, my mother in law also got me a white plastic folding table for Christmas to put it on. The table was first placed in the extra bedroom, and I quickly came up with images of turning the whole room into a little atelier complete with a duct tape dress form and shelves of fabric samples, some stacks of Japanese sewing magazines perhaps.

All of that was dashed when the reality quickly hit that my husband and I really had to start prioritizing getting our toddler to sleep in her own bed. You see, I’m in the third trimester of my second pregnancy and we don’t intend on co-sleeping with both spawns. And so the extra bed frame was drawn up from the basement to be set up in the bedroom, and my sewing table was put in our eat-in kitchen area. Conveniently, we didn’t have a table there already. We procrastinated on obtaining one after moving in a few months ago (we eat sitting around the coffee table in the living room – we’re off beat like that).

My husband suggested I just sew in the dining area, and I’ve ended up really liking the set up. The table is right next to the sliding glass doors out to the backyard so lots of natural light pours through. The white table top makes the space feel brighter, and compliments the light green walls I had painted right before we moved in. There is also plenty of space for ironing, measuring, and cutting right on the floor. Now I’m guaranteed to keep the floors swept! The chairs are draped with my winter coat and the fabric I’ve been torturing. The sewing machine is hidden under the box it came in to reduce the fascination it inspired in the toddler. Excuse the pile of shoes off to the side…


I figure if we ever need a table to eat on, I can clear off the table and we can pull it away from the wall with a 180 degree turn. The chances of that happening in the next few years is low, excepting cases when MY mother visits and is REALLY insistent on eating Western style. Our toddler doesn’t sit for very long and eats on the go, so our current sitting in the living room arrangement works. We just offer her food every time she buzzes by as she plays with toys or looks at books. It’s my good fortune to have plentiful space for my sewing. Now I just need the talent, the TALENT!

For the time being I’m using some improvisation to organize my sewing notions…


I think it’s kind of charming in a bootleg/shabby chic sort of way.


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