Reblog: Blogger Recognition Award

(Disclaimer: The above isn’t an award I won, but part of the fabulous entry by Belle Citadel I reblogged below. Just wanted to clear that up. I’m not that good…not yet anyway…)

Just before going to bed last night I took a few minutes to look up other sewing blogs to follow. The great beauty of the internet is that it allows you to tap into a massive swell of collective knowledge and learn so much more than you ever could on your own or by seeking out people in real life (unless you have easy access to a grandmaster of your chosen topic in which case makes you a very lucky grasshopper).

Long story short, I didn’t get very far before falling asleep but when I woke up this morning I saw that I received my very first blog post “Like” and that led to a whole pre-curated list of fascinating sewing blogs!

I love you, internet.

Belle Citadel

What a lovely surprise to get a wee award that tells me I’ve made some online friends in the sewing world! At least, that’s how it feels, which is blinkin’ marvellous, since it’s one of the main reasons I started writing the blog in the first place. The internet is such an expansive and interesting place, which can be mined for facts and knowledge, provide a meeting place for like minds and, sadly, can these days also be used to misguide and misinform swathes of people simply by merit of their online social media choices. Nevertheless, without the internet, I’d never have encountered such lovely people and certainly wouldn’t have been able to indulge and invest in my new hobby to the extent I have. I’ve truly found something I enjoy deeply and sincerely, which is in no small part due to the many talented and kind-hearted bloggers I’ve found within the…

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